Friday, February 19, 2010

We found some snow . . . Sleding at Grandma's

After a fun school Valentine's parties we loaded all the kids up on Thursday and took a trip to find some snow. We found it in Star Valley Utah. It is always fun to go to Star Valley and see Jim's family there. We are very grateful to Jim's mom who was willing to watch all 4 kids why we went to Idaho Falls to go to the temple on Friday. It was a wonderful day except for the white out snow on the way to the temple. I wish we could go more often. On Saturday we took the kids out to play in all the snow. It was the perfect weather. Around 30 out side and sunny. the snow was starting to melt which made it harder to climb the hills but the kids were determined.
My crazy Husband. Jim thought it would be fun to jump and roll down the hill. This is how he turnned out at the end. When asked if he wanted to do it again. He said "No Way" I think he must be getting old.
Madison really loved the snow. Some of the kids did not mind getting a full face of snow at the end of a ride, Like Madison and Marcus ended up with most of the time. Marcus after getting a full face of snow. He was already up the hill again by the time he brushed his face off.
"Help, I don't want to go"
Mason was one of the first kids up the hill but did not really want to ride a sled down. So after he had hung out there for sometime Jim decieded that he needed to go down. So we was loaded up on a tube and sent down the hill. To bad he jumped the second bump that was meant to stop the kids at the end. He ended up with a the air being knocked out of him and a few bruises on his back side. Poor Kid. We all felt bad for him as he really did not want to go.
After about 10 minutes he had shaken it off and was ready to play with the sled motorcycle going down the small bump over and over again why the other kids played on the big hill.
What do you think is going to happen? Miles is on the green sled as 2 of his cousins are on the other sled. You are probably right. They crashed mid hill. Miles was also the only other kid to jump the small bump at the end and end up with a bruise or 2. Mason is at the top of the hill cheering them on. This was before his scary ride down.
After playing at the snow hill for a few hours and warming up at Grandma's we went over to Jace's birthday party and the kids darned their snow gear to be pulled behind the 4-wheeler on sleds. They all had a bast. There was 10 kids in all being pulled. All in all it was a wonderful weekend in the snow. The kids had fun and mom and dad were able to go to the temple.

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Teresa said...

This looks like lots of fun. I am so glad that you got to go and sled for a while. This will never be a part of my life again, so tell the kid's to have fun for me. Love you all, I am so glad that you live so very close now.

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