Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines 2010

Happy Valentine's Day 2010
Better late than never. Life has been kinda busy so I have not been on as much. The kids had a great Valentines party at their schools on Thursday, February 11th. I really enjoy going to all the kids parties and seeing what they do. I was unable to go to all their Christmas Parties as I was in charge of Mason's Class Party. This time around my goal was to hit all 3 parties in 45 minutes. I was only able to stay for 15 minutes at each place but I feel like the kids were happy to see Madison and mom there. I will not be able to attend their end of the year parties (one of my favorite one as little Mylee will be here about the same time). In the picture above Marcus was asked a simple math question and if he got the answer right he would get a squirt of cool whip in his mouth.
Marcus's class also had ice cream sundee's and exchanges some Valentines why I was there.
When I made it to Miles' class they were playing musical ball were if you got stuck with the ball you had to answer a silly question Like sing a simple song or hop around the circle. Very entertaining. The kids were all laughing so hard. Then their class was joined by another 4th grade class and had ice cream sundae's. Have to love Miles' alien space ship that is holding his valentines.
Madison and I made it to Mason's class first almost before the party started. They were still finishing up the 100th day of school fun. But we were able to be there and watch all these 5 year olds try to pass out valentines for the first time. How confusing. Madison loves attending her brother's parties. She had just had her own Valentine party at pre-school. After we left Mason was able to play bingo and frost sugar cookies. All in all school Valentines parties were a success. The kids had a blast and way to much sugar.

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Monkey Business
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