Sunday, February 28, 2010

Final Good- bye to Cinder

We found out Friday night that Nana and Papa's beloved Sinder was lossing her battle with her back leg. They had decided that it was time to help her feel no more pain and let her run with Shena in Heaven. Yes we believe that all loved dogs go to heaven.
How do you tell your kids that a dog they have grown to love and seen almost weekly for last 2 years was going to die?
Some like Mason are hard to read. With Mason's disabilities I new he would just go with it.
Marcus is our tough guy so he was going to be OK.
On the other hand Miles who is a little older and has a better understanding was not going to do as well. We broke the news to the kids on the way home from getting a family treat (99 cent rootbeer floats). Sweets always make it a little easier to handle bad news. Cinder was really special to Madison. As when we moved back to Wyoming Madison was just a little 2 year old and Cinder would not jump on her and knock her over. I was not prepared at how hard our little 4 year old was going to take the passing of her Cinder. Madison Prayed and prayed all the way home from Arctic Circle that Sinder would not die. When we went to go inside she fell to her knees in tears out side our home. Begging thatCinder would not go. As a mom this tears at all your heart strings. Unable to talk Madison sat in my arms sobbing at the realization that Cinder was going to die. Knowing that it was going to be a hard day for Nana and Papa Hungerford we decided that we needed to go and help in any way we could and let the kids say good-bye to a dog that was more than family.
We know that Nana and Papa's hearts are filled with sadness at the loss of a kid (I mean dog). Cinder was there for my mom threw all her seizures and troubles. May the memory of her live on in our hearts for ever. May Goldie understand why her best friend is gone. Our hearts and prayers go out to my parents at this time of loss.

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Jillian said...

Awww, what a sweet post! Cinder will be missed by your adorable kiddies for sure :)

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Monkey Business
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