Sunday, January 10, 2010

From the mouth of kids. . . Babies

Babies: What are they were do they come from?
With everyday brings new questions about babies. This week we had some wonderful thoughts from the mouth of our dear kids. On Wednesday this week Madison was watching Nick jr. Why I was doing laundry. She was watching Little Bill and Ms. Murry was getting married. After the teacher got married Madison turned to me and stated: Mom now she has a baby in her belly right. Some reason our kids tend to believe that once you are married you automatically have a baby in your belly. At prayer last night Mason turned to me and pointed to were my belly button area and asked when was the Dr. Going to open it up and take the baby out. I told him that is not how babies come out. That mommy will have a little pain and then push the baby out. He then asked if he could help me push the baby out like this and started pushing on my leg. I told him that mom will be in the hospital and that he can help with the baby when S/he gets home from the hospital. He then told me to be careful not to push the baby out when I go to the potty. How cute. I just love how their little minds work. After all this talk I asked each of our wonderful kids if they could choose if mommy was to have a boy or girl what would they choose and why? Miles: A girl, we have enough boys in our house. Marcus: You are going to have a boy and then another boy and another and another. Until you have a football team. We will be the Dallas Cowboys Moffat's. Why? Because boys are cool . Mason: What do you want mommy to have? A baby boy. Why? because he would love me. What about a sister? She would love me even more. So what should mommy have? a baby sister. Then he bounces around saying I love her and she loves me. I want a baby sister to love me more. This is how he has been the whole time. Madison: What do you think mommy is having. A baby sister. How do you know? I have known for ever. mommy is going to have a girl because we have 1,2,3,4 boys and only 1, 2 girls we need more girls. I just had to share the fun from the mouths of our little ones. Boy or girl. Red or blonde hair. We all are getting excited for our little one to join our family.

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Laura and crew said...

It's always cute to see the reasons behind what the kids want. When do you find out or are you waiting?

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Monkey Business
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