Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cookies & Swimming lessons

Today all the boys went back to school. Mom was kinda sad to see them go, as it meant no more sleeping for mom. Plus I really don't like the crazy out the door rush in the morning. With the brothers gone, Madison was a little sad to see them go so we decided to make cookies for them and daddy.
She is being coming quite the cook. She loves to help from dumping sugar to cracking eggs.
All in all we had a fun hour of backing and Madison even remembered to help clean up in the end.
Just a little note to self, do not bend down to pick something up off the floor when your Madison is sweeping Brown sugar of the counter. Mom ended up with it in her hair and down her shirt. We had a fun time and can't wait to cook together again some time soon.
Finally after waiting until Madison was old enough, all 4 of the Moffat Kids began their 3-4 month journey in Swimming lessons. Our goal is by the end of April to have all 4 kids swimming, and safe around the pools. For Mason and Madison I would love them to feel safe in a pool as right now they don't like to go out into the deeper water with out a death grip on mom or dad.
After about 5 minutes to my surprise Madison was the one to come running to mom and tell me she was done. She did go back in and have some fun. No she would not go out into the middle of the pool with her teacher on the bar, but there is always next time. To my surprise Mason was all about doing what ever they told him to do. He even refused to get out when class time was done. Mason and Madison are in the preschool class and Miles and Marcus are in level 2.
After a few minutes of stretching they are ready for some fun.
Having fun racing back to the wall.
How many rings can you find. Marcus made me laugh with this one as he found the rings and like a smart kid, he decided to use his feet to pick them up instead of dive down to pick them up. To his dismay they finally told them they had to dive down. He still did great. For the next few months on Monday and Wednesday night you are sure to find us hanging out at the pool. Just maybe we will have some super swimmers in the end.

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Teresa said...

I love all the swimming pictures. It brings back so many happy memories. It looks like fun.

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