Friday, January 29, 2010

Cakes, got to love cakes

What goes better together than boys and cakes?
Miles, is one of our most creative kids. Like we say he is the architect of the family. He love to design and build so when he found out that the scout cake auction was coming up he was very excited. He wanted it to be grand. Like a mini wedding cake. So with the help of a good friend (Tara) Miles was able to make the cake he wanted to. This year they are celebrating 100 years of scouting in America. This was the theme for the cake auction. I must say I think Miles had the top notch cake there. It took lots of timing and planning. But was well worth it.

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Laura and crew said...

Love the cake, Miles. I would have definitely placed a bid on that beauty!

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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