Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes, Princess can have short hair!

After days and days of thinking it over, I gave into my husband. About 6 weeks ago Jim wanted to get Madison's Hair Cut. All we have ever done to Madison's Hair in her 3 short years of life is give it 2 little trims. Madison still had a lot of here baby hair. So after many days at looking closely at her hair after I did it I gave in as said yes to cutting her hair, more than just a trim. With Madison being my only girl I wanted her to always have long hair but the long hair had a lot of baby hair in it. So I agreed getting it cut off and letting the hair grow out together. So in the end she lots 4 inches on the back side.
We think that she looks great. She looks older and there is not a nest of rats in the bottom. Now she thinks that she needs to get a hair cut every day.
I can not believe that I cut my daughters hair. Yes mom did her hair cut.
PS here's a up date on the house shop. We have stopped the contract negations on the house listed below. The people would not budge even with it being on the market for the past 200 days. I am sure it will still be on the market in 90 days. We are going to take a week off and enjoy life and get our of our "funk" and clean up. Mom has not been in the mood to do much. Hopeful of sidelining the the house hunt maybe the house we have will get looking better.

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Laura and crew said...

Haircuts can certainly make a dramatic difference, but it looks cute. You're a brave woman to do it yourself. :O)

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Monkey Business
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