Monday, January 19, 2009

Cross your fingers . . .

We Made an Offer. . . after hunting and waiting we have made an offer on a house that we would love to call home. Take a look at the place we would love to call home. Cross you finger and pray with us in hopes that this could some day become our forever home. . You can not tell much from this picture, but this is what the front of the house looks like in the summer. That is when this house went on the market. That is why we have high hopes of getting a great deal on it. This is the room you enter off the front of the house. It is like a large sun room or sitting room. It is one of 3 living spaces. I dream of having a piano in it one day. This is the living/dinning room. One day it will have to have Pergo floors and a new fire place. But will be a great place to hold LARGE FAMILY MEALS (like thanks giving) This is the wonderful kitchen. It is a little out of date but I love the breakfast bar with the 5 connected chairs. I also have dreams for this kitchen but it would be way down the road. It would involve knocking out a small wall and a large rounded breakfast bar. This is the washroom. A lot better than I have now. This is all the pictures the sellers agent took. I do not understand why she only took these pictures. That might be why it is still on the market. Which is good for us. This is a great large room in the basement. We call it the man cave. There are no window, Perfect for when Jim gets a new TV down the road. It is 18X24. This is the Grand master closet. It has 2 3 drawer built in dressers plus lots of storage above the Hang up bars. This is one of the big reasons we are buying this house it is the best master bedroom off all the houses. Most things end up in Mom and Dad's closet so it we can hide many Christmas' in this closet and lots of food storage space. This is the master bathroom. A little out of date, but once again it is the best master bath out of all the houses, some did not even have master baths. This is the first toilet that if have seen that is built for a corner. I hope we never have to replace it. Plus the show is grand with 2 shower heads. I guess that means we will be twice as clean. It even has a vanity for putting on make-up and hair. The last 3 pictures are pictures I took of the basement. There are more rooms but they are just bedrooms and a office. We are praying that this all works out. The kids love it.

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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