Friday, October 31, 2008

OH My What can WE Be for Halloween

It's hard to choose every year what to be for Halloween. It is a fun time of year were kids and kids at heart can be almost anything they want to be. It lends ear to the childhood imagination. With the memories of my own childhood Halloween's with the sub zero temperatures and the snow galore we kinda lead the kids towards warmer costumes so they would not have to be covered up when they went trick or treating. It seems to me that when it comes to Halloween you tend to remember the colder ones, than the Indian summer ones. Mason's costume is like placing him in a fur coat. Quite warm. Now that we are looking at weather of upper 50's I think he will be one of the warmest kids out there. In doors it is almost unbearable. We choose this costume because it was going to be our first Wyoming Halloween in 6 years. Next year we might go for something cooler. Halloween has to are family always been a time to have fun. We do not believe in dressing up as AX murders or having dripping blood and missing body parts. We want it to be a fun Holiday for all. We wish your family a Happy Halloween from our Family to yours.
Miles has had many Halloweens in his life. He has been Mr. Smile's, Green Frog, a football player, a M&M, Dallas Cowboys football player, Super Man and some other costumes too, that I just can not remember for now. This year Miles went for original and earth friendly. So let me present Miles the Recycling bin.
Marcus has had numerous Halloween costumes to. He has been a M&M, Dallas Cowboys Football player, Dino herder, Spider man, and now this year he is a Green Lego. Of course it would be green as this is his favorite color.
Mason has had some wonderful Halloween's. In Halloween past, Mason has been a M&M, a Dallas Cowboys Football player, Race car Driver and now we present Mason as Suly from Monsters Inc. At first he was not sure he liked how this feels but it fits his personality. Plus it is nice and warm.
This is Madison's 3rd Halloween. In years past she has been Minnie Mouse, and a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. This year we present Madison as "?". We will let you pick. We thought that she was a pink Poodle, but every where we go people tell us she looks like a cute pink lamb. So we will leave it up to you to choose.

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Monkey Business
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