Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Have Moved . . .

We have had a great year of the unexpected. The big thing that happened this year is that our family moved from the great state of Texas back closer to our childhood homes. Thus we have moved from a grand state to the state in the union with the least amount of people in it. We are now once again residents of Wyoming. We currently live in Green River in a place half as big as our Texas home as with everything else homes are bigger and cheaper in Texas. We are very happy to be in Wyoming. The kids enjoy seeing their Nana and Papa weekly, instead of yearly. The also have enjoyed seeing some of their cousins and Grandma Moffat a couple of times already. Some may say we are crazy leaving Texas with all the shopping, medical and top ranked schools for Wyoming, but we feel that the blessing of living close to our family is priceless for our kids. It is hard to explain but after the death of a loved one you sometimes do things for the love of the family. We have chosen to move because we wanted our children to have many memories of their grandparents and have stories to share with their kids one day about them. We can not say that it has all been easy but one day it will be worth it. Jim is now hauling oil in the the booming oil fields. I never thought that I would see a day that I would want him to haul hazardous materials, but here we are. So for all of you that have yet to get our new address please email us to obtain it. thanks

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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