Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Blessings

For Family Home Evening tonight we talked about the blessing of living in a large family. Sometimes you feel like the world is against you when you have more than the typical American 2 or the Mormon 4. As your kids grow up and they feel like the "Jones" Have the newest and the latest electronic or have just came back from a great Trip. But the blessing that they have from being n a large family. They always have a friend. Life is never boring, They know how to share at an early age, They have a buddy when no one else is there for them. Plus much much more. Some times it is hard to see the blessing of a family but the rewards are there and your family is all that you can bring with you to the hear after. So even if they run around in Last seasons fashion or don't have a WII in their house, or even and I-pod around their neck. But they are all winners in our book. I am so blessed to have such wonderful kids. Also to help the kids see how long it is until little Mylee joins our family we make a count down chain. They could not believe how long it was. We have 90 days from my first due date. We are sure that things could change and that she will normally come earlier but you have to start some were. The are excited to pull a chain every night. We love our large and blessed family. We would not have it any other way.


Laura and crew said...

90 days will go quick. I love the chain idea.

Teresa said...

I like the chain idea and I know that time passes by very quickly after all I am a grandma already and you are soon to be the mother of five.

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