Friday, July 31, 2009


With having an amusement park junky for a husband with no doubt, we have to go to Lagoon every year. The only problem this year what finding the time. We new we wanted to go on a Wednesday so it would not be busy. We decided last Saturday that if we were to go to Lagoon this year it would have to be Wednesday. So with only one hurdle before we could go, Mason. Mason decide to get sick Monday night, so we had to wait until we new that know one else was going to throw-up. Thank goodness he was the only one. This is a picture of him sleeping on the kitchen floor. I am not good with puke so if one of our kids get sick we have a rule that if you puke you must stay on easy clean floors for at least 8 hours free of puke. So after throwing up all over the bathroom floor, I made him a bed on the kitchen floor with the biggest bowl we have right next to him.
On of Marcus' favorite moments at Lagoon was loosing his first tooth. Tuesday night he told us he had a loose tooth (it's about time, just a little later than most kids) after playing with it all day long at Lagoon we were in the line to ride a ride and mom touched it and pop it came out. The tooth fair even found him at our hotel. He is so excited to finally be able to say that he has lost a tooth. He has 2 more loose ones.
Even though he can ride all the rides in the park you can find Miles on his favorite ride, Bulgy the Whale. He had a blast riding this ride even if he was 2 inches too tall for it.
Ever since we left Las Vegas and the dragon ride there, Madison has been asking to ride the dragon ride, so she was so excited to find out that there was a dragon ride at Lagoon.
From Bulgy the Whale to the Sky Coast Miles did it all. You will have to ask him what was his favorite ride out of them. I think they might have tied. Jim and him did have a great time on the sky coaster. Jim likes the fact that he has a partner to ride the rides with now.
The were so excited to get wet, only to fall down the drop and not have any water on them. Their log was just to light. Should have had mom on board, because mom, Madison and Mason were wet.
Space scrambler. Mason and Madison loved to ride the spinning rides. Mom bowed out of this as she wanted to keep her lunch in her stomach.
Madison and Daddy Flying high.
Marcus, Mason and Madison on the Dragon Fly why, Dad and Miles road the big scary rides. All in all we road rides from 11 am (park open) to 9:45 pm 15 minutes before it closed. I would say they each road over 40 rides. What a fun family day.

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