Monday, July 27, 2009


In our house summer is spelled "C-A-M-P-I-N-G"
(the end of the Camping experience at Skull Creek Madison is super tired as you can see)
With the purchase of our first Camper a simple used pop-up camper, in Late May we planned to camp as much as we could this summer.
(Madison having fun throwing cups in the fire) Our first camping trip was to Skull Creek with Nana and Papa Hungerford. We were testing out our camper and they were testing out their house on wheels.
(the kids are having fun playing in the creek that ran by our camp site) This summer had a lot of first one of which I pulled a trailer for the first time. With Jim's work schedule I pulled and set up camp and he came after he got off. I think I did pretty good considering it was my first time. Yes I even backed it up into the camp site :D
Miles slipped in the creek. They had a blast in the creek. They even build a pretty darn good Dam.
You can not go camping with out your bikes. It helps to entertain the kids. They love riding their bikes camping. Madison decided to crash and burn her first time down the hill and skinner her Knees, elbows, toes, hands and hip.
I just love her smile. She has such adorable dimples I
(the cleanest hands in camp)
Camping trip #2 was to Groover Park in Star Valley were we met up with Jim's Mom and enjoyed a day visit from the Amber, Tony and Kids
Too tired to eat. Look close she still has her fork in her right hand. How cute.
The whole time we were camping Mason kept changing his hat around. He loves to smile for the camera when he wants to.
All the kids had a chance to shoots Daddy's semi Auto .22
Marcus shooting daddy's .22
Mason shooting Daddy .22 he loved to shoot it and watch the shells pop out. One of my favorite moments camping Look how Mason is trying to aim. At what I don't know.
Madison just thought that she was all that shooting the gun.
Daddy shooting his 30 ot 6 now that has a big bang.
All ready to watch people shoot. The kids had to stay in the back of Grandma Moffat's truck so we new were they were at all times.
Sleeping in the camper. Miles and Marcus slept on the table bed and just above them was Jim and Mason. Sleeping like babies. How can people sleep when the sun is up.
Madison slept with mommy on the other pop out of the camper. All in all the last 2 camping trips have been a blast. We have had our bumps along the way (like a broken crank on the camper, now Jim has to "jimmy rig it to stay up) but we have had fun. 2 down and 2 more to go. With in a 8 week time period we will have been camping 4 times for a total of 10 nights. Plus we went to Las Vegas and are heading to Lagoon tomorrow. I think this will be a summer to remember. If only we can sell our trailer and add a house to it then it would be darn near perfect.

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It looks like fun! You make camping with kids look easy....

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