Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yes we are still alive.

Yes, the Moffat family is still alive. it has been a almost a month since I posted. One reason I have not posted is the mere fact that a post is not a post with out a picture and we lost the thing you put your SD chip in to transfer to the computer. Other reason is TIME. Our live has been busy with the end of a school year and baseball season. Both are officially done now. So all efforts in our house is catching up on what was neglected during Baseball season. With 3-4 games a week and a practice here and there plus a gardening enrichment, and Ward party (last 2 things mom was in charge of) we have not had much time for other things. We managed to have a successful school year for the boys. They are all excited about the thought of a new school (better school) and having Mason join them at school too. Mason will be in Kindergarten next year. Marcus will be in 1st grade and Miles in 4th. This is Miles' last year in Elementary school. Boy do they know how to make a mother sad and happy at the same time. Only one kid not in Elementary school. Madison is excited to be going to Young minds Preschool next year 2 times a week. As for now. All kids are doing Moffat summer school. They each have a folder with work in that they do every morning to keep the learning going. It does not take much time but I am a firm believer in year round learning. Miles is writing a story and a report on the Hoover Dam as part of his summer school. Both the Cardinal's and the Diamond Backs did great in Baseball Miles team lost 3 game that we know of as he was not able to make is Chuckee Cheese as the kids have not been there in over a yeat to his last game. In T-ball they don't keep score but we think they did great. Marcus was sad to hear that it was over. We have also enjoyed lots and lots of rain (it is coming down right now) so the kids feel as if summer might never come. So far since school was out we went to Utah 2 times. Once was to go to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house plur. Then a few days after this Miles got really sick so we visited Primary Childrens Hospital. After a stay of less than 24 hours and a jump on IV antibiotics he was discharged yesterday and is on the way to getting better. Who would have thought that in June you could get Bacterial Phenomena. He is glad to be home and never wants to go back. The worst part was the IV. He did love room service. The next 10 days will be filled with cleaning and packing. We are going on our first big family vacation. This is a vacation on a tiny, tiny budget. So that is why we choose Las Vegas. Because for less than $1,500 we can drive down there stay for 4 nights go to a Vegas show, ride the rides, and much more. We have hotel rooms for 23 a night and bought a Vegas pass to play for a great rate. Plus we can learn from Hoovers Dam. We had hoped to go to Disney Land but that would have been well over 5K for our family and that was not in the budget. Our kids are so excited to be going some were. We have shown them pictures on the Internet of were we are going and what we are doing so all I hear all day is how much longer till we go. I will try to post the daily agenda latter. All in all the Moffat bunch is happy, mostly healthy and ready to party in Vegas, Mormon style.

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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