Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What does: 5 duffels, pounds of sugar and lots of excitment have in common?

We are ready, we think! Vegas her we come. All we long we have been focused on packing cleaning and shopping for our first Big Family Vacation. All week along all I have heard is: How much longer till we leave mom? Madison even buckled her self up in the car today and told me that she was not getting out until we were in Vegas. I had to calmly explain that it was still a couple of days away. The younger kids don't quite understand that is takes lots of time to pack up a family of 6 for a road trip. One of the pluses from packing up for a long trip is you seem to find things that you might have lost 4 or more months ago. Today, when Marcus was helping me get back packs our for day bags and car bags, he found my purple camera. It was a nice break from packing looking at pictures from our snow trip. So below is the high light pictures from a trip in February to go sledding. We never were able to share these pictures as the camera was missing in action for the last 4 months. Madison just loved it more than we thought. She would keep going, and going.
Daddy letting Mason go. Mason was not too fond of tubing. He just loved to hike in the snow. and play on the motorcycle sled.
Miles after flipping it for the umpteenth time.
Mason at the top of the hill again. What a hill for a little boy.
Madison was stuck down here. We were doing the top hill with not intention of going down this hill as a creek is at the bottom. But Madison came down the upper hill and just keep going.
The only problem is that after she went down the other kids thought that they needed to go down there. But the hill was so steep that they could not get up the hill. Jim had to hick up the hill with them on his back. It tired him out for sure. Mason is on his back. First came Mason then Madison the person who flew of the edge. Marcus is the only one left at the bottom with Kari. After Madison went of the edge. We watched and made sure no other kids went over the edge flying. We did not really have any other close calls. Madison just being so light flew
Madison walking up the main hill
Mason could have lived on this if we would have let him, the only problem is that all the kids wanted it too (the cousins).
Mason coming down the hill.

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