Saturday, May 16, 2009

Signs of Spring in the Moffat house!

The air is warm, the bugs are out, it must be SPRING, right?
Spring normally comes latter in Wyoming than other parts of the USA. Finally after snow freezing cold temperatures, we are starting to think that Spring is here. Here are some signs that Spring has arrived at the Moffat house. Some of them are common signs and others might only be signs if you are in the Moffat Family.
Strawberry plant.
Miles' BOOBOO. It is from his pedal on his bike. He is our stunt bike rider so 2 times this week we had pedal tracks on his leg.
Marcus is our rezilius child. He seems to get hurt but not cry as loud or hard. He is a fast at healing. He did burn his foot when he climbed on Great Uncle Jerry's Motorcycle. He did not tell me until later that night when we were home.
Mason has a small scrach on his elbow from falling off his bike. It is hard to see.
Now, this little girl has taken the Ultamite crown for BOOBOOS this week.
She started this week off by falling down the porch steps and scraping her right knee and hand, it was a good bleeder. Then she has tripped over her own feet in the front yard and scrached her left knew . She has also managed to fall off her bike a couple of time, scraching her left knee again, her hip, hand and even forehead. She seems to be getting right back on though. Good thing she does not have far to fall. I counted her bruises below her knees and she has at least 8 small ones. If you are asking your self How? I think it is because the air is finally warm and so the shorts and flip-flops are out. Thus there is more skin exposed to scrape and they are all playing out side as much as they can.
Baseball is another sign of spring. With 3 boys all playing baseball, we spend up to 4 nights a week at the ball park.
Baseball updates: Miles Hit the ball and made it to base this week, Marcus almost beemed someone in the outfield with the ball. I don't think they thought kids could hit it that far. They were seated on a blanked watching th game. Mason did not have to use the T at all this week. Way to go Mason. Marcus is a true blue ball player. People in the crowd even come up to us and tell us that they love watching him becasue for his age he already knows the game and you can tell he loves it. He is an all-star first base player. He also played one inning at catcher. I think that he looks cute in the gear.
Mason update: We went to Utah to get some dental sugary done on Mason. When he was young he had problems swallowing and would pocket food for hours on end. This caused him to have many cavities in his bottom teeth. So on Wednesday we took Mason to a Pedeatric Dentist to have him sedated with verced and have 5 cavities filled including 2 root canales with crowns. He is so proud of his shinny teeth. He does not even remember it being done. He is such a trooper and never even complained of pain. The dentist was suprised as they were really bad. He has delevoped a high pain tolarance threw the years, with all that he has been threw.
All in all we had a great week welcoming in spring. We even dug up some of those nusience dandlions and prepared to plant some grass seed were the previous tenats had killed the grass.

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