Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day and more. . .

The Highlight of the week was Mother's Day of course. Miles by far wins my biggest smile.
Miles and Marcus rode their bike to Smith's and Pamida with mom's cell phone, Saturday Afternoon. We live really close and with having a cell phone, living in small town I felt OK letting them go and purchase their own mother's day gifts. So with their piggy banks in tow (a small container decorated with stickers). These are pictures of what they purchased for their mom. First stop was Smith were Miles (a sweet big brother) Purchased me a singing card that sings "Simply the best" and a small bag of M&M's. He also was thinking of his younger sister and brother (Mason) and purchased small card to be from them to give Mom. Marcus bought mom a card with flowers on it and drew me a picture of Me and him inside he also bought me a candy bar.
Then the crossed threw the parking lot and went to Pamida and purchased a beautiful bouquet of Flowers ( they are the kind you normally put on a head stone, that is what made them even better.) I have trained him well. He has learned to buy flowers that last. Just think, when my time has come they can decorate my head stone too. I would say he is one smart very adorable kid. He will make someone very happy some day. I can see it now on his first day when he is home from his mission he will bring her the same thing and tell they will last longer than their relationship.
Madison came home from school on Friday with a pretty planted flower and then told me she was going to make my nails pretty for "Mudders Day" this is how they turned out. I swear she is a 3 year old going on 13. She is all about finger nail polish and lip gloss. Mason came home from school with a cute picture of him made into a butterfly. Madison and Mason also with the help of their daddy made me cute homemade card and helped daddy give me Jumbo Symphony candy bars.
This is picture of my wonderful family which is now 66% bald. We had fun on Wednesday cutting hair. Mommy even had 8 inches cut off. We are all sporting our new dews.
Last but not least I was finally able to make it to one of Miles' baseball games. Her are some pictures of him playing ball. His team is has won 1 and tied one. Both teams play on Monday night. stay tuned to follow what happens with them. We are so proud of them. They are all doing so good in baseball.

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Laura and crew said...

It's sweet to see the kids big enough to think of special ways to celebrate Mother's have them well and chocolate! Nobody goes wrong with that...

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Monkey Business
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