Friday, March 27, 2009

Thanks to all

I turned 9 on Monday. I wanted to thank all sho wished me a happy birthday or sent me a card, pressent or money. I love being 9 as it is one year closer to turning 12 when I will get the preisthood. Some of the things I got for my birthday was 4 DS games, a big Bionicle kit, $20 from grandma Moffat. A cool Science book and a Basketball tie. My Mom helped me through a great birthday party were alot of my friends came and we had fun even if we got snowed out of the park and had to crash McDonalds Playground. I hope all can have as great as a birthday as I did. Thank You very much for your love and gifts Miles

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

Gota love Rachael Ray