Sunday, November 7, 2010

Our new Van

I know it has been sometime since I posted. So I will make it short and sweet and let you know what we have been up too. First we got a new Van. You may wonder why we would get a van after a Suburban. Well it is not your typical mini van. It is a 12 passenger van. We love it. The space is nice and Jim loves the new car smell that only last for a few months. It was used for such a short period of time like 4 weeks tops so it is pretty much new with only having 1585 miles at the sell. The kids like the idea that maybe Shawn White could have been in it. It is one of our new items this year. In less than 6 months we have added a new family member, a new pet, a new house and a new Van I think we have added all the new things you can in a year. Don't think I will be repeating it again. Well of course Mylee is up to no good so I am off to take care of a teething cranky baby. Hopefully I will be able to post more soon. We still have fall pictures and Halloween to post about. Plus have Madison's birthday coming up.


Teresa said...

With all that space you may be tempted to add more things to your list. The van is very nice, but the people standing by it are the very best. I love you all.

Laura and crew said...

12 Passengers...wowzers! I bet your kids will love the extra room to fill with friends. It has been an action packed year for you, huh? Congrats on all the new!

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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